WTF Fun Fact - So Many Kids


The record for the most kids born to a single mother is 69. Russian Valentina Vassilyeva labored 27 times and gave birth to 16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of


  1. Posted by arieehhh, — Reply

    child walks into her house- her: who are you? child:your kid her:haha lmao whoops forgot about you! i knew you looked familiar lol

  2. Posted by elisejohanne241, — Reply

    If she had them all straight after each other (like getting pregnant again immediately after giving birth) then she would have been pregnant for 20 years straight

  3. Posted by gracenlsmith05, — Reply

    Who the heck is their father? Or is there multiple fathers??? If there are who in the world would marry a woman with 69 kids??? That's a lot of college tuitions...

  4. Posted by raineeh24, — Reply

    Cut the father's dick off! I'm no doctor but I think having that many kids is not healthy

  5. Posted by whoodlelove8277, — Reply

    69 you say?😏😏

  6. Posted by correavalentin, — Reply

    Her poor vag 😭

  7. Posted by HannahClaytonx, — Reply

    Does that mean she never gave birth to any kids who weren’t multiples?

  8. Posted by HolyHandgrenade1253, — Reply

    I bet having sex with her was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

  9. Posted by lavanyajha0106, — Reply

    This is the reason for overpopulation πŸ˜‚

  10. Posted by MissusMuffet, — Reply

    And I thought taking care of 5 girls on the sims 4 was hard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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